Saturday, December 28, 2013

Seeking after Something.

What does it take to get someone to pay attention to you? Have you ever felt like nobody ever saw you for who you really were? Or have you always just been a shadow in someone's life? Maybe we've all felt like that at least once in our lives. We don't really seek attention but we also don't necessarily want to be ignored and put to the side.

At least that's what I feel that us as humans might feel like.

We want and seek attention but not in an intentional way. It's almost subconscious. It seeps under our skin and our thoughts. You do it every day and might not realize it. But why do we seek attention, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally?  Well, I don't mean to say that I know all the right answers but I have my own opinion and my own thoughts that might help discuss this.

Sometimes we seek attention for approval. Many of us would like the approval of at least one person in whatever it is that we are doing. In my own experience I've come to find out that I am the type of person that enjoys to have feedback on a major decision in my life and I tend to make said decision based on the approval or disapproval of that certain person. Now, is that a bad thing? It could possibly be so but at the same time it is my personal and mental way of being able to make a decision at all. There are people who could care less of what others think and I believe that is a great attribute to possess. Maybe I just need to gather myself and try it out one day; not need the approval of anyone but mine alone.

Some folks just want to be heard. I know certain people who just have to put their two cents in. And in some cases they put more than two cents in the jar. Might as well write a book while they're at it. It's not wrong to want to be heard. It's perfectly healthy I think because it allows someone to alleviate a mental process and let it become something real. You can think about it as being able to see what is going on in someone's mind and thought process. When you allow a person to speak and be heard you can really and truly begin to 'see' their minds at work. It can be quite a beautiful thing actually but it can also be just as bad as a wreck if their words become negative and unproductive.
 I am not perfect. Therefore I tell you that I am horrible at listening to people speak. I don't listen when they speak. Even less do I understand sometimes because my mind is not focused on what they are saying but instead on what I want to say as soon as they finish producing sound from their mouth. I tell you, I am a bad listener sometimes. Not all the time but I would like to change that. So listen to people more often because when you listen you can begin to understand they way their minds are working and also understand who they are by the way they speak. Don't be so quick to speak, take some time to listen. We all want to be heard.

I don't know they type of person you are. Only you do. Heck, you might not need approval of others to make a decision or don't really care if you are heard or not. But even if you're not either type you should let those that are that type of person carry out their way of doing so.

Why am I even saying any of this? Well, that's exactly my point. I just want to be heard. I'm not necessarily seeking your approval for anything but I am seeking to relieve my mental process and ideas that constantly run through this head of mine. We all have ideas that could change the world. If it's not changing the entire world it's changing the entire world of just one person. So when you feel like you have an amazing idea or goal in life, never allow yourself to let others shut you down simply because they don't want to hear you out. Go and make yourself be heard. The right person will have open ears at the right time.

The new year is shortly coming up and then it will also sweep by in the blink of an eye. Maybe this year can be different for all of us. Seek what is in your heart. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be". (Luke 12:34)  What is your treasure?