Saturday, December 21, 2013

Plans can change when you make plans

Our plans are many in our life. We have plans for tomorrow, next week, month and even next year! We go ahead and make reservations for whatever plan we have and in our heads that's all we think of. We never stop and think of what night happen if we never get to that day. Plans might have to unexpectedly change when things that are out of your control happen. It's always a bummer when this happens of course because nobody enjoys a ruine vacation or planned day. 

For me that day happened yesterday. As you might already know I had plans to save money and pay off some debts within the next year and get that out of my life. Well yesterday my car broke down to make things short. I also don't have a working cell phone because my two year contract ended with Sprint (which I am quite happy about). I am happy I ended but it seemed like it happened at a not so good time. I'm not sure how much the repair will cost but I have also been contemplating buying a car. I know this seems like a bad idea especially if I'm trying to save money but my car is ready to be sold or sent off somewhere needed. I'm making decent money and if I can get a low monthly payment then I know I can get it. I just don't want to add to my debts at all. So if that doesn't happen my next choice is to fix only what is needed on my car and even if it's beat up and dented I will drive it for at least one more year (see how I just made another plan?) and get me something nice. 

And what I'm trying to say is that when we make plans in our life we need to be ready for the unexpected. Sometimes out plans will be just fine but other times we will be disappointed. But do not worry because Gods plans are higher than ours. It's true in my case when I look back at my life up until now. Sometimes it's because he is disciplining you and wants you to know that he cares for you. I know darn right that I need discipline in my life since I can't seem to get some on my own. 

So I have not a car or cell phone. Today I will try and use one if my mom's phones to see if that works. It's not my iPhone but I don't care right now. As long as I have a phone I'll be okay. And well my car is another story but hopefully I can do something about it.