Monday, February 10, 2014

Being Gay Today.

As I had said a while back, I wanted to share with you something that I think everyone would enjoy reading. It has to do with homosexuality and how we see it and how those that are in that lifestyle see it as well. We all have questions and thoughts on the subject of homosexuality and we all have our opinions and we like to make them known.

Now before I continue I want to say that before I interviewed this particular person, I had  preconceived thoughts and judgments on homosexuals. My view of them was not a pretty one and even less, a loving view. I had always been very quick to judge people that were apparently different than me in their way of life. Through time though I noticed that my view began to change. I was more aware of the fact that I needed to love more and hate less. Jesus said that the way that people would know who we are would be by the way we loved others and I sure wasn't loving anyone this way. My heart was more judgmental than I could afford. Some of you might think that I support homosexuality but that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that I want to love more and hate less. If anyone wants to judge their eternal fate or anyone else's then you can do that but I don't recommend it.

Okay, so the person I interviewed is someone that I know and had known for a long time and I never could have guessed that this person was gay. Fooled me! I asked a few questions that I personally wanted to know more about and how he thinks, feels, and sees the whole situation on homosexuality. Some of you might have questions that you want to know more about and I encourage you to let me know so I can ask him. He would be thrilled to answer your questions. Just don't ask for his name.

He goes by "Janus Polycephaly"

The Interview. 

1-When did you first realize or notice you had an attraction for the same sex? 
I first realized that I had an attraction to the same sex when I was in middle school. There was
clearly something different about me because every other guy I knew was checking out the
opposite sex as we all were hitting puberty. I on the other hand really didn’t see what all the fuss
was about. Granted around that period of time I seemed to notice which guys “looked” more
attractive than others to me. I figured it was just a phase and did not think much of it, I always
figured I wouldn’t even date till college since the majority of relationships that happen before
that part of your life will not last and are just a waste of time. I did not want to date for the sole
purpose of fitting in with everyone else.

2- Are you homosexual? 
Yes I would classify myself as a homosexual male. If I wasn’t I really don’t think I would be
answering this line of questions.

3- Do you think homosexuality is reversible as they say?
Everyone is different, we all have different experiences and a unique history so to say that
anything is “reversible” is out of my authority. First to use the word reversible implies that there
was an option to being with, as far back as I can remember I have always been attracted to men
not women. So what exactly would I be reversing? Last time I checked I was never tortured or
punished till I turned from straight to gay. So if I have been this way my entire life, what would I
revert back to? Now like I said earlier we all have a different and unique upbringing, so I am sure
there are others who somewhere along their timelines decided they were attracted to the same
gender. With that specific person I guess you could use the reversible idea, but as far as my
history goes there has never been any change to the direction the earth travels around the sun.

4.-Can you be a Christian and homosexual at the same time? 
Yes. If you are living in a homosexual relationship but claim to be Christian in a way you are
confessing and admitting the sin you struggle with the most. Everyone struggles with some form
of sin in their lives, I have yet to meet the person who doesn’t and like so many people in Church
most will never admit to that these struggles are. How many times at church at the end of the
service when the pastor opens up the stage for anyone who is needing prayer to step up…and
you look around and only see a few people walk up, normally the same people right? Even
though you and everyone else know there should be a 30 minute line just to get to the stage to
pray because we all have problems. Some of us are more aware of the problem existing while
others are in denial. So if being homosexual means you can’t be a Christian doesn’t that also
mean the people having pre-marital sex can’t be Christians either? How about the man cheating
on his wife, the drug addicts, the thief, the crook? Homosexuality is a sin just like every other
sin in the Bible. I believe that God views all sins equally disgusting from homosexuality to
premarital sex to murder. I feel that to God any sin is a sin; it is only us as humans who feel the
need to classify sins into categories or rankings. In the Old Testament God destroyed an entire
generation of people because they were worshiping a false god, he did not separate one sin
compared to another he simply destroyed them! Need I say more?

5-What does the Bible say about homosexuality and how do you feel about it? 
Well as I just said the Bible does list homosexuality as a sin, but it also lists plenty of other
things as sins. I feel that yes it is a sin, and just like every other sin it is something you have to
deal with on a daily basis. We all have sin in our lives, none of us are perfect and it the people
who act as if they are that cause so much judgment among others. I do think it is more of a
challenge to deal with simply because it has to deal with who you feel attracted to but in no way
am I claiming one person’s problems are harder or easier to deal with then another.

6-What does societies say about homosexuality? 
Society has become more accepting of homosexuality over the past few decades especially since
2000 when you have more celebrities or well-known people coming out of the closet. However
like any issue in the world today there are always people who are fighting for and against. That is
just how the world operates.

7-Do you think many Christians view homosexuals as worthy of God’s Love? 
I think that this again is going to vary based on individual experience and belief. I have spoken to
many Christians who believe as I said that homosexuality is just another sin like all others and
that everyone is worthy of God’s Love. I have seen the very conservative speakers on television
who condemn all gays to hell. Even though I recall in the Bible it says that we are not to judge
others because that is God’s job, we are not fit to judge others because we all are flawed.

 8-Are you openly gay or homosexual? 
I am not openly gay.

9-How many times do you think about the same sex? 
hahahaha, I honestly have no idea. How many times do YOU think about the opposite sex each

10. Do you think this type of parenting is morally right? 
I figure that there are plenty of really bad parents who are in a heterosexual relationship, at least
with a child who is adopted by a homosexual couple you know that they will be examined,
scrutinized, and put under such a microscope before the adoption goes through they clearly are at
least fit to raise a child. I do agree that it does become an issue when the child is older and people
question the same sex parents. But honestly I do not have any children and have no desire for
children so if you’re in a committed relationship and really want to raise a child go for it. Here is
another way to think of this if you think it is morally wrong to let a gay couple adopt a kid. Ask
yourself why the kid is up for adoption in the first place? How many children go up for adoption
because they are the result of an unplanned pregnancy between two unmarried people, which
means the couple had premarital sex which is a sin. So the child is a direct result of a sin. There
are plenty of people in the world who never wanted their kids so we might as well let someone
who wants a child adopt them. Why punish the kids more because we as a society cannot agree
on anything? If any straight or gay couple does a great job raising a child who are we to question

11-How many people know about your homosexuality? 
I have told so few people that I can count it on one hand. So between one to five total people.

12-Do you feel any conviction over the matter? 
Of course I do, I feel out of my mind most of the time but it is something I have dealt with for a
long time so I have become more comfortable with who I am.

13- Do you feel bad over being gay? 
I do at times mainly since I am not open about it. It is still a secret to basically everyone I know.
But I am more focused on my career than my social life so I just have to deal with it. Do I enjoy
being lonely all the time, of course not! Just like everyone else I wish I could go home to
someone I love, but unfortunately that is not exactly in my sight. That is more what I feel bad
about; do I feel bad not telling everyone the truth? Eh, not so much because then everyone would
be judging me based on their stereotype of what a gay male is like and that is not something I
need or want to deal with right now.

14-Since you are not openly gay, why have you chosen this path of “Silence” about it?
Well that is a simple one, my career. The field I work in you can say does not always support this
type of lifestyle if I were to actually be living in it. For the record I am not. While some people
have basic 9-5 jobs where they go home and leave their work I however am basically always
working no matter where I am. Do I consider it fun to have to be so reclusive about this, of
course not but that is how the world operates right now.

15 – What is something you would like to tell homosexuals about your homosexuality? 
I have no idea; if they are already gay I am pretty sure they know exactly what I am going
through. I am not some famous celebrity who comes out of the closet and inspires others to do
the same. Sorry but I am just a normal guy who happens to be gay, nothing really special to
throw out there.

16- Is it hard or difficult to hide who you are?
No not really, I have never had “gay stereotype traits,” that society likes to place next to every
gay male. Sorry I do not have a high pitched voice, dress in super tight clothing, and sing to
Brittney spears and lad gaga songs. So to me it is not that hard to hide who I am because most
people are oblivious to what is directly in front of them.

17 – Are there any moments when you just want to be openly gay? 
Well the only times that would happen is when I am hanging out with the very small number of
people who actually know I am gay. Granted my personality does not change because I am gay, I
do not get home and because a different person. I am just as boring when you think I am straight
as I am when I am gay hahaha!
18 – Do you think you are gay because of a bad childhood experience?
hahahaa no, I had a very happy childhood. I just laugh when people try to associate being gay
with some terrible experience as a child. I have been this way as long as I can remember, no
traumatic experiences here!
19 – Are there times you have tried to change your sexuality preferences? If yes why? 
Yes I have tried to find a girlfriend, but of course I have never found a girl I was attracted to.
Shocking right!? I mean when all my friends are dating and I am the 3rd wheel or 5th wheel on
every trip it does get old and of course I want to be in a relationship. So yes I have tried to look
for a girl but like I said it just never clicks in my brain and I still feel attracted to men.

So there you go guys! I hope that you enjoyed this today and that it really makes you think about the way we view others (homosexuals). 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's talk about SEXuality.

I got your attention I hope lol.

I'm really excited to get my first 'mini-project' started. If you don't know what it is exactly I'll let you know now. I want to really get some people's stories and lives made known to more people out there. Stories that have true meaning and true life to them. Told by the person's themselves. It's something that was on my mind a few years ago and I believe it was given to me by God. I hope that this really inspires others and even if just one person.

I'm nearly finished with the first piece or story that I have been working on and I have to say that it is quite interesting and I'm sure you will find it rather intriguing as well. Many of us have certain questions and thoughts on many levels and ideas but we might never get them answered by just simply talking amongst others. But what if we can get answers and insight from the very people we should be asking? Even if we do not ask others are willing to share with you what you have been longing to hear or see.

And this is exactly what I want to do with my first two pieces. God willing they will help me and you both in our life and how we see certain things that just seem very controversial and vague into something much more clearer.

Homosexuality will be the topic of my first piece and I hope you can read it and soak it in as I will be sharing firsthand answers from a person I know who has lived in this world for quite some time but would like to share with us their experiences.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why you should continue reading.

Sometimes dreaming isn't enough. We can all dream as much as we can but until we do our part that dream will remain simply a dream that never becomes a reality. 

I have a dream of one day obtaining many of the goals in my life just the same way that you do. All of us have something we strive for and desire but sometimes fail in the area of working towards that goal. 

My goal with this blog is simple: to share with people what God has blessed me with and to allow other people to share what they have been blessed with. It's an awesome feeling when we can all share our stories and know that we are all very much alike but at the same time God made sure to make us very differently from each other. 

I've got several things I'd like to share with you from now on, and they may come in different forms and shapes but they're all stories from folks like you and I who are living life and seeking answers. I would like to share other people's stories here or wherever I can and allow anyone to see them. God didn't intend for us to live alone and afraid but surrounded and free- to Live Free. 

So please allow me to share with you other peoples' stories so we can all relate and see how God really does make a dent in our lives forever. 

I've got a couple stories lined up that I'd like to begin with and I'm nearing completion of one of those. It's been said that we should dedicate all we do for the Lord and he will prosper us in all we do. My hope is that God will be seen and He will be given glory through this somehow. 

If you do read this (because I'm not sure who really does lol) thank you for reading and more than anything I hope you are encouraged and blessed with the stories that will begin to share. 

-Live Free

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valor Interior feat. Nazareno G. Antolini - ABRIENDO CIELOS

Feeling Boxed.

Does anyone else feel like you have so many things going on and can't focus because you don't know where to begin or which one to actually set your mind to? I know I am. I'm sure I am not the only one either. God only knows the things that are going on inside of my head. And they aren't bad things don't so don't worry.

It just seems like I want to do so many things that it seems really overwhelming because I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START! Does this ring true with anyone else?

Sometimes we just have to start somewhere. Ands somewhere might not seem so extravaggant or luxurious as me might expect it to be or want it to be. The more I see things the more I realize that when we want to start doing the things we actually dream to do we will find it harder to do than we thought, but never impossible.
So wherever we begin just make sure you begin with something. This means doing anything that you have set your mind to do for your life which may be short term or long term. We are still in the month of January so it's still the perfect time to tmentally get yourself ready with an awesome start to the year. That's not to say that you can't start later on down the year, but why wait any longer? Better now than later or never at all!

You might already know my plan of paying off my debts for this year which totals around $10,000. This is coming to be harder of a goal than I thought it would be but I need to do it. Not just to get rid of my debt which is the ultimate goal and purpose but to also achieve something big for once in my life. I think we all want to feel some accomplishment in our lives and this could be done in many different ways. This just happens to be one of the ways in which I would feel accomplished.

Okay, so going back to my first comments. We all have many things that we would like to achieve but just seem like we can't handle the luggage. So start light to start of with. I think that if we all just try with one thing first, everything else will seem alot easier to handle later on down the road.

Paying off my debts is not the only thing on my list of many things to do in my life and in this year of 2014. Being able to travel the world and even the U.S. would be nice and I know I will be able to achieve those goals but only if I take initiative for the things I want.

The same goes with you. You and I both need to begin. Start anywhere but please, let's just start! Isn't it time that we actually got off our behinds and did something that we felt passion for?

What is it that you want to do this year? Or maybe it's not just this year, maybe you want to make it a lifestyle. Begin somewhere but make sure that you never forget to thank God for the opportunities and the blessings He gives you. Afterall, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Him.

God bless and take care!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Being Actively Patient.

There are things in this life that we wish we could change but it seems that for some reason the odds are against us. Some folks wish they could work somewhere else and quit their current jobs, others might want to start up a project that they have been dreaming about for a while but just can't seem to begin anywhere.

It seems we get caught up in this mess where we're at a stand still and although every potential gain is there we can't get hold of it. I know that from personal experience I have always wanted something to happen in my life but I was caught in the moment of waiting for it to happen. I had always waited for something amazing and wonderful to happen because that is what I have been told to do: wait for something to happen as long as I am patient about it. But see, the problem in this is that when you wait for something, for the most part, you don't have any action in between. By action I mean that there is nothing during this waiting time that you do on your part in order to have this "thing" to happen in your life. In other words, you expect it to fall on your lap. At least that is what I had always thought. It is such a close-minded thing to think and it can eat at your potential to be amazing and do amazing things altogether.

There is nothing wrong in waiting. Waiting for something takes patience. What I have learned is that while you are waiting you are also currently active and doing something in order to have whatever it is you want in life. God will provide you with all you need as long as you dedicate to him what is you want. He wants what is best for you, not what you think is best for you so there is a line there that is drawn and sometimes we can get them mixed up and confused about. But if we ask for something will it simply just come to you?

Don't you think you need to actively seek that which you long for until you find it, doing so in a patiently manner? See what I'm saying here? You need to be patient while you seek. Be patient while you work for what you want. Be patient while you find ways to get to where you want to be. We all need to be patient while we work diligently to get to where we are finally at the point of achieving our goal. Being patient and not doing anything at all are two different things. That is closely related to being lazy and expecting good things to happen in your life while you don't lift even a finger to work for what you want.

I'm finally at a point in my life where I have this sort of light-bulb effect in my mind and it all make sense now. The whole entirety of my life I expected great and amazing things to happen as long as I was patient. What nobody told me was that I needed to be finding ways in order to get there and be patient at the same time, to actually work and be patient, and not to sit around for it.

You can be patient but you can also be actively patient. Actively patient. I like that. It means to go out there and do whatever it is you dream about and make it happen. Sure, it will take us time, effort, pain, discouragement and at times we will probably feel like giving up. But great people in this world never gave up and always worked hard for what they have now and it doesn't mean we don't have to either. They all started with a dream, a desire to do something great and they pursued it with hope of one day getting there, and they did it all while being patient. I'm sure you can ask any one of them and they will tell you that they didn't sit around and be 'patient' about what they wanted. It didn't just magically appear before them.

So whatever it is you want to do, go for it. Just don't sit around for it.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Debt-Free Year

Okay so it's still January and I do remember that I said I would begin a goal of ridding myself of the debt that I currently have. The year has started and I do not want to fall behind on my predetermined goal of completing this task by then end of this year. My goal was to completely pay off all of my debt at the end of the year and pretty much take away anything that is costing me money every month. I want to have all the money that I can by the end of the month so I can pay off anything that I can with that money left. 

So to begin this year-long process I will try to be as detailed as possible on how I have spent my money. I know this is going to be a very difficult thing to do because we all know that we like to spend money on ourselves every once in while! But that will have to be put to the side for now. I get paid every 26th of the month and I have bills to pay of course but my goal is to get rid of the debt that I have. 

On this blog I hope to keep you posted on what is going on with my spending. I have purchased my digital camera that has been something that I've wanted for years and I think that will be the last of my spending sprees that I will have. I know that I have been wanting a new vehicle and it's really pulling my thoughts and I am fighting because I know that if I want to get rid of this debt I can't buy a new car. It just won't happen as quickly as I'd like to. If I can work something out then I would most definitely try and get one but for now I don't think it's a strong option. 

So yeah, there you have it. This is sort of my confirmation that I WILL GET RID OF MY DEBT. It WILL HAPPEN by the end of this year. 

The total debt that I have is estimated to around $10,000- probably a bit less but I like to round things up :) Now I know this isn't much to some people but trust me, it is riding on my butt and I do not want it there anymore!

Keep up with me and stay tuned!  Here is the link to the blog I have been gaining confidence and tips from. This lady is a huge inspiration and has a guideline you can follow to getting rid of debt.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Check it Out!

Posting selfies on Facebook will be kind of tricky. Actually, I might not be able to do that at all because my cell phone doesn't work. I got a new cell phone provider and I don't get service in the area I live at. So my plan is to get another provider by then end of the week and until then I won't be able to feel 'connected' to the online world.

I hope everyone had a good break and was able to spend some time with family and friends and enjoy the fellowship. Hopefully you didn't have to empty your wallet to the max either! I know I didn't spend a fortune but I did spend a bit more than anticipated. My plans for this year are to save money and make money at the same time and I need to stay focused! Every dollar and every penny counts even though we don't see that sometimes. It's tough to do it but I believe it's very possible.

I have to admit, though, that I did purchase a digital camera over the break and it will arrive today! It was a purchase that was a bit expensive but worth every penny because it is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I don't regret it one bit! I can't wait to start practicing and exploring with it and hopefully if all goes great I can use it for the ideas that have been brewing up in my mind!

So have a good day and make sure to smile!

I'll leave you with quote that I found today:

"Life is about making some things happen, not waiting for something to happen."

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: One selfie a day.

It's the first day of the new year. It is January 1, 2014!!!!  So you've probably already made awesome plans and resolutions for this new year and that's great! I think we should all try and make every year the best year as possible.

Some of us want to get back in shape or get in shape for that matter! Others want to save money, pay off debts, get a new job, strengthen relationships or who knows what. There are many things that we can do and change about this year. I can't lie, I want to do some things differently this year and I can't help but realize that nothing will ever happen unless I make an effort to even make the first step or move in achieving my goals. And what are my goals? Well, some of them you already know: save money, pay off debt, and making some dreams come true! I'm wanting to actually do some things that are out of my norm but that I've always wanted to do.

So with that said, I want to start a small but meaningful project on myself. The thing about me is that I hate taking selfies. I'm not the best candidate for that and I hate it. Don't get me wrong I like taking pictures but not selfies. I can be in photos with others and love to be in them but when the picture is centered up close and personal on my face I don't think I like it very much. For the rest of this year I will take one selfie for everyday. I want to make this a project to see what kind of reaction I have on myself. There are many people who love taking selfies and don't mind them one bit but then there are those like me who are very conscious and panicky of them. I kind of just want to make myself realize that this is who I am. The way I look physically is who I am. I might be able to change my body as in gain weight, lose weight, gain muscle, etc. but I can't really change my face you know? I mean if I gain weight or lose it my face will show it but it's not like I can do anything major like I would the rest of my body. And of course plastic surgery would be something one can do but that is not me at all. I have come to accept who I am and what I look like and before I would hate the way I looked but I can't deal with it anymore haha.

So yeah I'll be posting one selfie a day and I hope I don't fall behind.