Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let It drive you until it moves you.

There are times when you want to feel happy inside. The world around you seems hopeless and helpless.  This has been the way I've felt for quite a while now. Things that used to bring me happiness now bring no satisfaction. What happens in our lives that this certain occasion happens? We could all possibly ask and answer our own question because we know what's troubling us. I don't want to make this longer but I just want to say that good will always prevail evil in the end. Happiness will come anew after a dark and stormy momen in life. I'm thankful that God can provide for me a simple glimpse of his amazing and infinite awesomeness. As I'm driving back to my place of residency I get hit (not literally) by this thought and feeling of peace and happiness, something that I have not felt in a very long time. You can call it a dry spell or a walk in the desert or whatever it may be. The fact of the matter is that this moment while driving back was strong enough to make me pull over and pull into a gas station to let everyone know. I want to let you know that God is not just good, he is amazing and wondeful. He seeks sacrifice from a broken and contrite heart. He seeks those who seek him. He awards a repentant heart. He gives joy when the storm is raging.

Be happy and enjoy this life you have now. Don't stress so much- it's not worth it.