Thursday, December 19, 2013

Going on Break.

The struggle is real folks. We all have struggles. The thing I'll be dealing with these next two weeks will be the break I get from school for Christamas/ New Year's.

Now the actual two weeks off will not be my struggle or issue but rather what I'll be doing with my time. I know that one side of me wants to just sit back and relax; sleep late and wake up late. The other side of me wants to be as productive as possible and use my time wisely. I have a feeling that both sides will play themselves out somehow and I'm okay with that. But the thing that I want to do most out of the two is to use my time wisely.

I'm currently throwing around some possible ideas in my head on what I can do to stay busy during my break. There are certain things that I need to get done first and will involve spending some money. For one, my car has been making some strange noises and I have an idea of what it might be, and as much as I don't want to spend my money on that, I need to, unless I want my wheels to fly out from under my car while driving down the interstate. Hopefully it won't be over $200 though. If it is I will possibly cry. Okay maybe not. But it will hurt my poor little bank account. There are other smaller things that I'd like to do that involve spending money but I am on a financial diet right now and I need to spend as little as possible.

There are some ways that I plan on making some extra cash. Last night I remembered that I haven't sold my plasma in a while. Although it only gives you $20 it's worth it. It's free money! It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the process but they have WiFi there and you can stay busy while you're there. I might do that a few times while I can. You guys should definitely try it! Here is a link to the place that I use:

I hope that I can accomplish two things during my break; save money and make money. I know that my life might seem like it's consumed on making money right now and maybe it is just a little bit. I just want to make sure that this doesn't happen. My goal is not to get rich but simply to pay off my debts and make extra money when possible while enjoying this life. I pray that God will guide me through this process that I know will be difficult and long. I'm trying to make the best out of this week and also this journey I'm on about saving money.