Monday, December 9, 2013

If Today were better, we ask.

Not every day is going to go the way you want it to go. But the good thing is that you still have that day to make the best of it. Some things might come up that you weren't expecting with open arms and they just sort of landed where you were at and how you had planned your day. So now your day seems ruined right?


Just because our day hasn't gone our way doesn't mean we have to pout about it and complain to the whole world. Well, okay, you can complain just a little bit but only enough to get it out of your system. I think it's somewhat healthy to just let it all out of your system but not all day.

I've come to realize that I have been the type of person that would complain A LOT about how things weren't going my way or I didn't like this or that. Some things might be out of our control but others aren't. So yeah, things would not go my way and a long list of complaints would follow through behind for sure. What I didn't realize was that by complaining so much I wasn't really helping my situation at all. Instead, I was making it worse by negatively advancing my situation. In other words, I wasn't going anywhere by complaining. None of us will ever get where we want to if all we do is complain. And besides, nobody likes a whiner.

One thing I have learned is that I can accept the situation for what it is: a glitch or sidestep to what I'd like to achieve. This day might not be going all in my favor but I can change the 'negative' for something positive.

 I know that God didn't call me to complain about this life He has allowed me to have for the moment. Life is full of beauty and awe that if we don't pay attention to it we will miss it entirely. There is a story once told by a guy named Jesus in which He explained that there were certain seeds that fell on different ground. One fell on a pathway, another on rocks, one on thorns and the other on good soil. Each one grew but quickly or assuredly died away, except for one of course. Yes, the one that landed on good soil was the one seed that grew and became strong. Why? Well the others were like people who listen to the Word of God and quickly forget about it or like the seed that fell in thorns, it grows but it is quickly swallowed up by the thorns which could also be thought of as life and its' worries.

We have so many worries in life that we forget that this life is not about them but instead about our trust through the worries that our life can go on and will go on. We don't have to be sad or lament the fact that maybe this day just didn't go our way. We can accept it and make it as positive as possible because if we go about our day resenting it we have given up on life. I can just think about how much we give up when we let small things take away our joy and happiness. There are people out there who need our help whether it be small or large. We worry too much sometimes but we forget that Jesus said to take his yolk because it is light compared to ours. Sometimes we have allowed to carry this yolk with us for a long time, never giving to the One who carries it for us. \

Give your yolk to God. Don't worry so much about life and its' problems. Problems will always be there. Instead, make something positive out of the 'negative' that is going on today.

Stay positive and be happy! The simple but extraordinary fact that you are alive is enough to be thankful for what this day has brought you.

-La Vida Libre