Saturday, December 21, 2013

Switching to change.

So today my phone service was cut off. Well not exactly cut off. Instead I cancelled my service with Sprint since I was at the end of my two year contract. And if you know me well enough you'll know that I've been with them since I first  ever had a cell phone. It's been a long and painful road for Sprint and I. To tell you the truth I'm not really sure why I spent so much time and money with them. The only probable reason is because they hooked me with their reduced phone if i signed up for two test with them. Actually, that's probably where many of us end up. We want the  newest technology and we will get it any way we can. Even if that means getting a two year contract. 

Not anymore. I'm pretty much tired of paying around $90/month for my iPhone. Don't get me wrong I like my phone very much but the monthly payment is burning my wallet and I can't do it anymore. It's time I do something different and change course in one area if my life. 

I know it sounds silly but this is a big step and change for me. If you think about it though, it's something that we can all relate to. Something as simple as switching cell phone services and devices can make a big impact in our lives. Sometimes we become so accustomed to something that it almost becomes a part if who we are. We identify ourselves with that something and in my case it was my love/hate relationship with my phone and Sprint. That's why this is sort big a big deal in a small way for me- if that makes any sense to you. And it's not like I'm completely leaving them since I'll be trying out Boost Mobile and I know they all use the same network. 

I'm just trying to save some money here! $50/month won't be as bad as the $90 and hopefully the service won't be that terrible. As long as I can keep my iPhone I'll be a happy man! 

Another rant and opinionated opinion of mine that make sense to me and, well, hopefully makes sense to you. I think we all want to save money in some way, no matter how small the amount and this is one way that I'm trying to be able to reach my goal of paying off my debts!! I'll let y'all know if it's worth going to Boost or not! Or maybe someone can tell me if it's worth it or not?