Monday, December 2, 2013

A Time for Change During a Time of Changing seasons.

It's December. Why does it seem that this month has arrived so quickly? It seems like not too long ago I was outside running shirtless under the warm sun. Now the trees are changing colors and the temperature has dropped. This is not a post to complain about the changing weather or time but instead about the change that I'd like to see in my life and other peoples' lives.

During this time of the year everyone is always busy with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. So it's a time to celebrate and enjoy your time with family and friends. Many of us will go visit family out of town, others will leave the country, and some will stay home. Regardless of what we do around this time of the year most of us will constantly be busy and hurried trying to manage our time wisely. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing with visiting family and enjoying time with them. I am in much need to spend some quality time with my own family because I feel like I lack that connection. Regardless, what I'd like to get to is that during this busy time of our life let us not forget about those who are less fortunate. And let me get this straight- I, myself, do not want to forget about the less fortunate. It seems that every year around this time I wished that I could do something worthy of my time. I had always wanted to either give my time away to someone else by helping or being there for them. I always planned and imagined but I never went through with any plans. I have to be honest with myself and with others that I hate this part about me. My mind runs wild with amazing ideas and plans but they are never put to practice and mad alive. I believe that if we all could bring our hopes and dreams to reality our life would be in a better place. Not just for ourselves but for the better of other people. Many times, like I said, I've thought of ways to help other people whether it be financially, emotionally, or physically but I never went through with the process.

It's time to change this cycle. It is time to actually talk the talk and walk the walk. I like to talk a lot about what I'd like to do and what great ideas I have -great ideas I might add- but I have never actually accomplished nearly any of those said ideas. Proclaiming them here or any other place will be better than not saying anything at all.

I want to help at least one person a day during this month of December. I don't know how exactly it will happen but I'd like to help the less fortunate and be of good service to someone.

 I know not many people read this blog, and that's okay with me, but I'd like to do this for myself. I want to change a bad habit of mine that only produces regret, sadness, and helplessness. I am beyond positive and sure that if I could accomplish even half of what I have proposed myself to do I would be a happier person. I don't want fear of what will happen ruin and drive my life. Breaking these walls will not be easy for me but it will be possible.

"The risk not taken is far more dangerous than the risk taken" - Unknown.