Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why you should continue reading.

Sometimes dreaming isn't enough. We can all dream as much as we can but until we do our part that dream will remain simply a dream that never becomes a reality. 

I have a dream of one day obtaining many of the goals in my life just the same way that you do. All of us have something we strive for and desire but sometimes fail in the area of working towards that goal. 

My goal with this blog is simple: to share with people what God has blessed me with and to allow other people to share what they have been blessed with. It's an awesome feeling when we can all share our stories and know that we are all very much alike but at the same time God made sure to make us very differently from each other. 

I've got several things I'd like to share with you from now on, and they may come in different forms and shapes but they're all stories from folks like you and I who are living life and seeking answers. I would like to share other people's stories here or wherever I can and allow anyone to see them. God didn't intend for us to live alone and afraid but surrounded and free- to Live Free. 

So please allow me to share with you other peoples' stories so we can all relate and see how God really does make a dent in our lives forever. 

I've got a couple stories lined up that I'd like to begin with and I'm nearing completion of one of those. It's been said that we should dedicate all we do for the Lord and he will prosper us in all we do. My hope is that God will be seen and He will be given glory through this somehow. 

If you do read this (because I'm not sure who really does lol) thank you for reading and more than anything I hope you are encouraged and blessed with the stories that will begin to share. 

-Live Free