Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A night at the mall.

Okay, so what many things can happen at a mall? Usually people go there to shop and have a good time with friends. Some go to socialize and just window shop. I mean, that's about all I can do sometimes anyways.
So I'm at this mall in Frisco (Texas) with our school because we have a tournament this week and I'm the only guy in the group of coaches and students so of course I'm going to make my own way and go solo at the mall. I had gone to H&M to look at some clothes that I wanted to and so I go ahead and purchase a really cool and nice button up/dressy shirt and some cool shades that I liked. I wanted to buy more stuff but I didn't want to spend all of what I have left!
Okay, so I'm leaving H&M now to meet up with our team and everyone else and as I'm walking over to the meeting place I see two dudes sitting in an alleyway/corner of the mall outside. Now, if you know anything about me I love music, especially acoustic guitars ans some good singing. I'm not the best musician or singer by any means and I can prove it to you, believe me. So these two guys weren't singing yet they were just getting ready I believe and I asked them if they were about jam out and they said that they were. I figured I could listen to them while I waited for the team to get ready to go and so I stayed there longer than what I thought I would but I'm so glad it happened that way. They sang a few songs while I was there and all I can say is, wow. These two dudes are so talented it's not even funny.  I wish that I could be as good as they are but I know I have my limits and that's probably a very good thing. A random guy even came and listened to them while I was there and he even joined in with his amazing voice as well. He played the guitar with them too. And he was also talented. Really talented. Why can't I be that good?! Well, the third guy ended up having to leave and so I decided I needed to go too so I wouldn't be late or keep the team waiting on me.

This is where it gets really good.

As I was dismissing myself and getting their names one of them, Zach, asked me which church I went to, or where I went to church. It didn't occur to me that I never even mentioned or talked about where I went to church with him at all, not once. It dawned on me when I finally left them though. But the awesome part about all of this is that Zach asked me if there was anything that he could pray about for me. Are you kidding me?? He asked if there was anything that he could pray about for me.
If you must know, right now I'm struggling with some personal issues and relationship issues and it has really taken a toll on me and it's been rough for me. I won't go into detail but I'll tell you that it hasn't been easy for me but I know that my problems or situations can not keep me away from God. I guess I should say that I don't want them to keep me from seeking God because that would mean my focus and thoughts are not on God but instead on my relationship status and my personal problems.
Well, after he asked me if he could pray for him I told that I would be more than happy if he could do that. I needed it more than he might have known at the time. Or maybe he did know? When he started praying for me he said that he sensed that there was something I needed prayer for and I'm glad he did. He prayed for me and my relationship struggles and that I may realize that I am His son (God's son) and that will never be taken away from me.
I am so thankful for his prayer and comfort. I truly believe God sent those two guys that night not only to jam out and sing but also to minister to me in a powerful but simple way. God knows I need prayer, not only from me but also from others and He sent me right to them because He knows I needed it that night.

It's so awesome to think that God seeks after you even when you don't. He goes to great lengths to let you know that He loves you no matter what. He knows what we feel and what we are going through at every moment and he will do whatever He can to get to us and to restore us. I know for a fact that God had this night orchestrated perfectly as it happened. I'm so glad and thankful I was able to meet them. I didn't get their contact information though and I'm kind of bummed out about it but at least I know that there are two guys kind enough to love on me and pray for me. Their names are Zach and Sam. Zach is from Dallas and Sam is from Lewisville. I wish that I can meet them again sometime.

I thank God for these two dudes and their act of love and kindness.