Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thinking on an Empty Stomach

I just want to put myself out there for a moment. It seems that some of us always want to make life seem more exciting than it really is when in reality it's not that extravagant as we might portray it to be. It doesn't even come close to something that we imagine it to be or would like it to be. Why is that? 
Well, personally I think it's because of the constant exposure to social media outlets that we see daily with no end. They are so constant and intimidating. It's not that social media has caused people like me to want to be like someone else exactly. I wouldn't say it's social media's fault, although it plays a huge role. The reasons we wish or long to have the life of someone else come from issues rooted deep inside of us that we cannot blame someone else for but ourselves. Everyday that I look at someone's Instagram page I sometimes wonder why my life isn't as exciting as said person's. I just look at them and think they must have the best life ever. I do the same thing when it comes to Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. We get to see almost everything that goes on in someone's life through these outlets and they can sometimes make us feel left a bit disappointed at the "lack" of a thrilling lifestyle. 
I wonder, "Does wishing you had a similar lifestyle of another person fall into the category of 'do not covet thy neighbor'"?
Sometimes as I'm looking at someone's Instagram and I start feeling like my life sucks and it's super boring I am reminded that I shouldn't feel this way at all. My life has different aspects which will yield different results very opposite of someone else. We are all unique. God created us all unique and not to be the same. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who knows our talents and interests. So to wish to be someone else is to steal an identity and to forfeit yours. Next time you are browsing, keep in mind that your life doesn't have to reflect through a social media account. That person's life might not either. Don't wish to be someone else. Be yourself. God has made us all to be very different and to rob yourself of that gift He gave you is foolish and selfish.