Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jeremiah 1

So I was reading the Bible a while back and I started reading in the book of Jeremiah. I think a lot of people have read of heard of the book of Jeremiah, specifically Jeremiah 29:11. That verse has become a popular verse among all Christians in one way or another and there's much reason for it too.

I like to know that God has plans for us. I mean, who wouldn't want to let God bless them? It'd be crazy right? 

Well, I began reading chapter 1 of Jeremiah in this case. I'm not sure why I started reading there but I'm glad I did. In fact, I had probably read this chapter before at some point, but only this time I got something in return that I am thankful for. 

Here are a few things I got from this chapter that I think are very important for me and for you:
1. God will call you and give you a mission as to what you are to do.
2. We tend to be afraid of the tasks God has set for us and make excuses
3. He has already assured us that He is with us, so why be afraid?
4. He has given us what we need to say and some will oppose us for doing so
5. God is always watching and He will get across what needs to be done one way or another. 
6. God calls us to be ready and to not be afraid of doing what he calls us to do. So many of us are afraid though. He will make us look foolish if we are afraid. 
7. He has fortified us. 
8. People will fight us but will fail. 

I like this chapter because it is different from the usual 29:11 verse that we see a lot in the Jeremiah teachings. We tend to see that verse a lot and there is nothing wrong about it, I just think that maybe we see it so much beause it might be something athat we like to hear- that God has amazing things planned for us! It seems that it's something that requires no hard work or dedication. But, in chapter 1 God calls us to stand up and do work! Now we actually have to do something for God that requires some talking and putting our faith to work. I'm glad this is here. It makes me realize that I have to do work along with my faith in God. I can't just sit around and expect free handouts from Him. He calls us to be bold and to put our trust in Him. He has made us like a fortified city, a pillar of iron and a bronze wall. It's refreshing to read this passage. Maybe I should continue to read more often huh? Of course I should! I shouldn't even be questioning that!