Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Valentine's Love.

So here's a thought on what not to do with certain events in your life; don't do them if they don't help you in any way. I know this sounds so simple and obvious but it's the plain truth. Recently, I had a girl that I dated for almost two years but I decided that I was okay without her in my life. But man, was I wrong. I was so wrong.
I truly believe that God put her in my life for more than just a friendly relationship- because that's what it is now thanks to my foolishness. She is the type of girl that is selfless and thought only about the best in me. All the bad things in me and all the flaws that I saw in myself she gladly looked right past them. Never did she bash me or insult me, never did she put herself before me and she always wanted the best for me. To put it simply, she was everything that I could ever want or need and I threw it all away for a tasteless pleasure in life and thinking I could do without her.

For any of you that might read this (which I'm not exactly sure who really does lol) I hope that you will take care of that person that God has placed in your life right now wether it be a girl/boy, husband/wife or even just a friendship. Please take care of them with all that you have and never take them for granted. Our hearts are deceitful and our minds wander off into a distant fantasy land thinking we can do better or we can do without that person.
Please do not let a day go by without thanking them for being in your life. Show them how much you care for them and how much they mean to you. Never think that they aren't worth it anymore because if you ever do, you will realize a day too late that they meant more than you ever thought of.

If you messed up like I did, do your best to make things work out with that special someone. Pray, pray and pray to God for that person if they really mean that much to you and you would do whatever in your power to get them back. But please realize that God will do what He chooses and that might even mean that he will not grant you that person. It's a scary and painful thought but it is an option. In my case, I am doing my best to become close to God and renew my relationship with Christ because I realize now that being with him is much more important than being with her.

For those of us that are Christian,  we must understand that if God is not the center of the relationship, that relationship will not last and will not produce a healthy and godly relationship. They might work out in the end but it will not have the lasting effect of having the joy that only God provides. So please ask God to help you and your loved one to make Him the top priority and not each other or else all will fall apart because you have set your hopes and strength in a person and not on God.

I desire with all of my heart to have her by my side as mine one more time. I wait for that day now and until I realize this is a lost hope. But my hope is at full throttle and I'm not giving up. I'm not giving up on this life God has given me either and I want to provide the best that God has given me to that special girl in my life. I love her and everything about her.

So for this Valentines day allow yourself to think about why you love that person so much and how you can show them, not just today, but everyday, how much they mean to you. Eveyday is a perfect day to thank them and show them you love them for who they are and for why you fell in love with them.
Cherish the moments and the memories and never take them for granted!

Peace, love and blessings!